Office Pick-Up & Delivery

In the business world time is money, and these days there is so little time to spare, especially for a trip to the drycleaner. So, why not have your drycleaning pick-up and delivered right to your office. Busy people everywhere are takingadvantage of our FREE Office Pick-up and Delivery Service. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it gives your workforce more time for the important things. Office customers save both time and money, the more employees that take part, the more the office saves.

We are much more than just pick-up and delivery. Carrington is your complete dry cleaning management service. We take the hassel out of garment care, by handling the entire process for you. Our goal is to make sure that you receive consistantly high quality dry cleaning with prompt, dependalbe, and covenient delivery service.
How It Works…
  • Each office customer is provided with a personalized, nylon laundry bag to transport their cleaning.
  • Twice a week, we pick-up and deliver to a centralized location like a closet or breakroom.
  • We provide each customer with an itemized invoice and bill them individually by credit card.
  • There is no reason to interupt anyone while they’re working, our service is discrete and nondisruptive.

Looking Great is Good for Business. Great looking bossiness attire is an asset. Whether you’re an owner of a small bossiness, a human reasource director, sales manager, or your office’s go to person,offering Carrington’s quality drycleaning services to your staff or co-workers is a great way to improve the image and moral of your workplace.